UR Night Op comes across a derelict machine

Yeah, was bored, did this.


I like this alot!
Great job.

Ok, that’s the first TF2 picture I see which doesn’t make me think about TF2.

i like it, soldier isn’t really fitting in the picture because of graphic scheme more realistic than cartoony.

Don’t know, every single prop is from TF2.

Man I like your TF2 stuff

Reminds me of evil genius :slight_smile:

i love this!!! its so awesome:) like a scene from a war movie. where’d you get the models?

The jungle props are from a TF2 jungle pack, machinery is from vanilla TF2, UR hats and backpacks are from Fallout 3, the natives are from a TF2 nude pack, the guns (aside from the sniper) are from FPSbanana and I skinned the vanilla soldiers (and the hats and backpacks to fit in TF2).

Very nice dude.