Urban Checkpoint

First scenebuild, C&C please.


Nice dude. Well done

Its visible you put effort. However something is a bit off with composition/angle. Lighting wise, I think you could have kept it dark and gloomy in an entirely different light setup/contrast. Also I would add more detail to the scene, just my personal opinion

i think theres enough detail, its just the placement of detail and focus altogether make the pic seem messy and im not sure if that was intended

the guiltiest of that would be the guy in the car i guess

use a smaller fov on your lamps for better shadows, they seem a bit grainy in places

other than that though i like it, could maybe do with a few more props / ragdolls but no biggy

Well done, nice scenebuild! By the way, what’s this prop on the store to the right with the wooden columns under “Red dragon restaraunt”?

It’s from TheMask’s pack, If I remember correctly.