Urban Combine skin pack

This is a skin pack for all the Combine units. Soldier, Nova Prospeckt, Elite, and Civil Protection.

The changes are thus:
•Added urban camo.
•Removed all symbols and insignia.

Here are the screenshots.





I don’t want to hear your whining about rapidshare. Just recommend a different host if you know one.

Rapidshare: DOWNLOAD

NICE !!! i gonna download it 10/10
Make some for the rebels

love it 10/10

sigh your avatar reminds me of the good days with kenny the cop

Nice Skin Pack 10/10

These work great! Thumbs up.


Nice Skin Pack 10/10 :slight_smile:

Good Posing too! AND GREAT MODELS!

i dont know why but wen i click on the DL link it just makes a noise and it doesnt do anything !

Good skin’z’.


Just 1 question: Where do i put em’?

There’s a readme. Read it. It’s one of the lesser known helpful items among the internet.

Maybe you could use www.yousendit.com or use the forums, the same way as you upload images using the forum.

Except that, you know, rapidshare has a faster rate and doesn’t stop at a certain number of downloads.

But it never works :’(

I like them a lot, but the second one just looks a bit out of place. Other than that, top marks.

(and for file hosting, add the folders to a .rar file, and host them here, on the forums.)

Okay, I put it up as an attachment.


i cant get them to work can you help me here. and i made the folders and everything right

if you said you did everything right then i dont know what to do…