Urban Reign Models

hey can anyone extract the models from Urban Reign Game on the PS2:
use this method to rip the models : http://www.vg-resource.com/showthread.php?tid=20541
this method works on any ps2 game. here’s how the models looks like if you’re interested.they are high quality models :



those models looks awesome ! ! !
anyway if you’re interested in them use the method above and it should work.
thanks in advance.

thank you gibbon for how to get models from the ps2.

no thank you for the reply please if you managed to extract ANY model post your work here.
and one more thing here’s the ISO of the game : http://theisozone.com/downloads/playstation/ps2-isos/urban-reign/

oh i want to know if i can post a charter from soul calibur 3. its this one


her name is lynette. can she be made by you ? if you cant make her, ill try to do my first charter. but for me would take time.

my virus program did not let the thing start right.

ok it was hard for me to do. i followed everything and when i try to lode it, nothing comes out. so i posted the picture of the charter from soul calibur 3.

gibbonrose, if you have time, can you do this one model from soul calibur 3 ? that is the only model i wanted.