urban shooter

this is my first attempt at decent posing and im quite proud of it.


yes now that i look at it the texture on the side of the wall is shit, but meh :confused:
same scene different angles


behind him


this is the only pic i edited.


thats it so please comment and rate.

AA needs to be raised.
Sniper is dark.

And pic you say you edited looks like you used a swep and cropped the hud or cl_drawhud

the pic i edited is


with a scope image in it.

Work on the light. Don’t use flat grass or construct. Scope edit was a bit cool.

Turn up your graphics all the way up and don’t use flatgrass or construct

However, the first like two weren’t entirely bad for a scene pose, considering it should be a burnt out hole in a city, so I think the effect has potential. That being said, unless you can pull something like that off, never use construct.

I like how the bad guy changes from a zombie to a combine.

but really you got alot of wasted space going on and don’t use npc’s man.
the edit was pretty cool though

That Soldier’s a spy.

the zombie npc wasnt ment to be in the screen, it was from eirlier when my brother was playing on my laptop :confused:
if i had noticed it before i took the screen i would have moved it out the way.

Woah nice posing. Very good use of gm_construct and I also love how you edited the scope in.
Artistic for you.

Dude stop.