Greetings all.

Tierd of all those scene build maps that are nothing more then a flatgrass map with a diffrent sky to them ?

Want to create more lively city/urban scene builds ?

Then boy do we have a deal for you!!! INTRODUCEING:



It comes with all the things a scene builder could need .
Color Correction
Fog Control
3D skybox
and a night version



Here are some half assed examples that will show ya what you can do with this map . Of course you can hopefully do better but these are here just as examples.







And some extra shots of the bare map:




Hope you enjoy

Why does it have no lighting?

It has lighting , but its a flat map what do you excpect ? , the sun isnt in one big direction so shadows dont overcast too much on other things .

Though i do admit , its kinda wierd that the shadows from the higher brushes ( like the fountain or statue collumn ) arent exactly poping up on the ground though.

So it’s a flatgrass map in which people make their own cities? That’s… Different.

It’s used for scenebuilding for machinimas and whatnot

[sub]people who don’t know how to use hammer[/sub]

This actually isn’t bad, but you do need to make better lighting, at least on a small angle, but noticeable.

so uh… wheres the download?

Wait what ? O_O

Well erm… maybe this will help ?

Hmm, wish I knew of some good modern building models other than the destroyed ones in the Metro 2033 pack.

I was just looking for something like that. Thanks, this map looks great.

Yeah, same thing.

real men build their cities on flatgrass

but this is cool too

Not if you want a actual road to show withouth needing a model :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anybody have any good building models for some scenebuilds? I’d like to utilize this map, just don’t have the right materials

You should add buttons to allow us to change some things. Like shadow direction. Or turning on/off streetlights. spawning physics buildings and objects. Something like that.