Urbanator and Manest's double trouble

Right, because TheManest was banned (amusingly) in my Ivy thread, he’s asked if I could post his latest pic, alongside my latest as well.

The first is mine; posed by me with a few ‘touchups’, but it was edited by Joazzz (and very nicely I must say);


And the second is TheManests; JOKER!!! From what I could gather, he was focusing on improving his lighting;


I love the Joker picture. Lighting and angles are nice in both from what i can tell.

Nice. You need a better pistol model. Look on FPSBanana in HL2 pistol and there are some good ones.

I wanted to keep it sort of ‘authentic’. But I’ll have a look now!

Yeah. Get Twinke master’s model. I’ll post it.

Thanks! Most helpful. :smiley:

Here you go:http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/41477

Shame I’ve done the pic already, heh. But it’ll come in handy in the future. Thanks!

Now for Wystan to make the empty model for it and I’m fine.

Thanks Urbanator,Coolilo edit Joazzz

Thanks :tiphat:

Yeah, twas an awesome edit. Glad I gave it to Joazzz cause I couldn’t have got it looking nowhere near as good as it is now.

good idea for katana

Thanks! Thought it suited the Assassin like it was made for her.

Epic Wars Combine.