Urbans entering a building



Nice camera angle, nice posing, nice editing.

Needs faceposing.

Joking right?

I could never pose someone with a P90 correctly. Nice job on doing it so well.


Very nice!

Very nicely done

My only gripe is they almost look like the have cell shading in spots

Nice, I like the lighting and the mood.

I like the posing on the guy on the right with the Colt.

Excellent posing but generic.

Great posing and lighting.

I feel like the posing on the guy on the left is odd, his leg is too far forward.

I felt like that too
but if I moved it back more into a crouching position then there would have been a indent on his leg

Awesome, the posing and editing is awesome.

Like Sluggy said, the leg does look strange, not really any place you could put it though.

I love it. That’s all I can say.


Looks like sex on a stick, great posing and editing.