Ureaka! Getting up off the floor! (Tut)

I finally found a way

unfortunately is to long and complicated to explain fully so i will round it down

Step 1: open this link

Step 2: Download it

Step 3: Open up the files in hammer

Step 4: Take a look at the entities and write them down or something

Step 5: Use the written entities to move it to your map, The model name and animation is the most important thing

And when i run the map, I get this:

Can be used in Ep2 and 1 for sure, There is a different model for portal and i haven’t tested anything else

Some tweaking is required, But the bulk of the work is done!

i dont see a tutorial anywhere here

I liked the part where I didn’t learn anything

two questions…
1). What is it?
2.) What game do i run this in, Cs:s give me pink and black textures

Open the link and look at the map

then the learning appears

aha, HL2 solved the spawning problem and nice work… but pink & black textures :confused:

Pictures first. I don’t trust some random person handing me a link and says: “Hey, download this file, it’s a .zip but trust me it’s safe.”

Yeah, But that is because they are custom dev textures, Just replace them


How, He gets off the floor


hold on a sec then

Which is why gmod.org has “view contents” feature.


I on the other hand would not trust someone dumb enough to include the vmx, log and prt as they are completely useless.

I just copied them…

Uploading a vid for non belivers

Congratulations you’ve managed to make a completely useless tutorial!

If anybody actually wanted to learn how to do this here’s a better tutorial:

Why does “he” have a capital “h”, but “end” and “hold” don’t?

Also I see no full stops.

Gah, I try to do something nice



If you are going to make a tutorial, you have to explain in detail how to do everything and what you are actually doing.

I uploaded an example map that wasn’t hard to follow

I can help you, read this.

Pictures are actually helpful too.



Agreed. It makes it nicer to read as well.

Also…it’s spelt Eureka.