URGENT: DarkRP F4/Job Problem

Hello, I have hosted a DarkRP from my home computer for about 3 months now so I am not a “noob” when it comes to trying to figure out a problem except for this time. I just got a 10 slot garrysmod server from Art Of War Central as it was recomended to me by a friend.
I used there auto-mod installer to get all the usual add-ons such as ULX, PHX ect. I put DarkRP on, set it to the default gamemode and it worked. I went into the shared.lua file and added a custom job(Let me remind you that this is not the first time I did it) and rebooted my server, went on and WOAH. Holding tab showed me everyones color as a bright yellow and hitting f4 and going to Jobs brought me to a jobless page.
There are NO errors in console which is why I am posting here as I have no idea what the issue is. After I saw that the job screwed everything up, I removed it, restarted server and the yellow name and F4 problem were still there. It’s very weird as you might be thinking as I removed the one and only change if made with no sucess.
Also, I have re-installed my server over 7 times, put different revisions of DarkRP on (New and Old) without any sucess. I even brought my DarkRP from my local server onto the FTP of the dedicated that i just bought witout sucess, same damn errors. If you want me to post the shared.lua or anything I will do so. I have spent probably a good 30 straight hours working on debugging ever line of code in DarkRP for spelling mistakes, Capitals, ect.
Oh and yes, I have looked around for this problem for a long time with no sucess. If it means I have to switch my server to another company please tell me which one would atleast work. :slight_smile:

Thank you and I hope we can figure this out.

I hear ULX doesn’t work with DarkRP.

Your not the first person Iv heard that from but It appears to me that every single DarkRP server uses ULX. Im in the process of re-installing the server once again but this time I will hold off on installing the ULX part of it in order to see if there is some sort of conflict with the newer SVN version of ULX.

Thank you.

I have gotten my server re-installed, put on a few jobs, used assmod instead of ULX and so far so good. I will report back if I notice anything fishy happening with regards to my jobs.

Use the latest SVN of both (or near latest, about two days ago was when I got it) and they work fine with no clashes, except the odd timer error - but that doesn’t seem to effect gameplay and only shows in the console.

DarkRP works with ULX… unless ULX broke recently or stole variable names since then.

Yeah, I’m having this Issue still and it’s really pissing me off, is there anything i should know?

I’m running the SVN Version with ULX 3.30 and It works completely fine for a while, then it breaks until i reinstall the Gmod Directory on the Server.

this time i found it broke after i used the classmaker to make some new classes and updated the shared.lua accordingly.

any ideas? it’s pretty annoying that this stuff happens.

this isnt really urgent to us… dont put “URGENT:” in your thread.

Easy Fixable You Either did a tiny mistake through your Job, or you forgot put // underneath each new job.

The // is redundant. It detonates the start of a one line comment.


If you are still having problems, upgrade to the SVN version of ULX/ULib. Which classmaker did you use to make your classes? Some of the older classmakers don’t work with the new version of DarkRP (including, Falco’s Classmaker, eXystis’s Classmaker, etc)

all good, it was the classmaker everything is running smoothly now :slight_smile: