urgent! desperate! no longer does the game

sorry for my English. I’m using google translator.

buy the game 1 month.
I did not work at first. He went to the home screen and then went out to the desktop. I never said error.

check the cache and others. I not worked. then uninstall it to install him again. magic!!! the run game. I played two weeks. different servers. good graphics quality, full screen.

After those two weeks. It closes again without displaying the error.

uninstall and reinstall the game. NOTHING!
uninstall and intale steam and all games. NOTHING!

run the game in different ways. as an administrator, Windows 7 compatibility mode safe mode, check the cache. from the game folder: running rust.exe and rustclient.exe. steam also run it from the rust DirectX 9.

delete the virus, remove windows firewall.

I also tried uninstalling and installing easyanticheat.

the problem remains.

run the game. entered the home screen and boom! the desk. lucky let me choose server. load a little and back to the desktop.

a friend asked me to pass the log of the game. the funny thing is that it leaves no error. But the most curious is that the log does not have more than 100 lines 0120. ie is incomplete.

I do not know what to do. someone to pass something? any ideas?

The description of my PC:

Motherboard: ASUS P5Q Deluxe,
Processor C2Q 4ghz q9550
8gb 951mhz ram
graphics card AMD HD 7950
Power Supply: Thermaltake 750w

I’m really frustrated.

I hope someone can help me. Thank you.


Does the game close automatically when you start it or only when you connect to a server?

When it started.
when you select a server if I have time, it never gets to carry everything off the desk


Could you check if your AntiVirus is blocking the program?
Make sure you add exceptions for Rust-related processes and check if it will run now.