--URGENT-- Gmod, server crashs after PREP OK.

As the title suggests the server crashes after PREP OK is said in the console.

All that has changed in the server is a new map being added, it is quite large but not the largest map that has been loading on the servers, maps double the file size have been loaded, the map even works on their dev server

The dev team has checked over the add-ons to make sure they are not the problem and they all work on the dev server as said above, nothing should be causing this error as all the addons load correctly and all the other maps work on the server.

-The Evocity fix has been applied to see if lights causing it
-Addons have been checked
-Overlapping materials have been checked

Need help fast because they are pressuring me to fix it, i created the map so they think it’s my fault when I’m 99% sure it can’t possibly be the map, I really need help on this one guys, I don’t have access to the Logs but if you need them ill try and get them

Have you tried a different map?

Yes, all other maps work. We have come to the conclusion that the host is doing something because it doesnt work on other servers we have hosted with them yet it will work with NFO under the exact same setup, we are currently useing GMC