URGENT!! I need someone who knows their way around LUA and PAC 3 and knows how to code.

To Whom It May Concern,

I was on a website looking for someone to help me with gmod scrips and pac 3 so i can create cool content with my friends.

I had been searching for days on end, staying up until 4 am looking for ways to get similar scripts that vanoss shows in his videos (mainly hide and seek),

but also i wanted to have more content on my Chanel that was out of the ordinary or at least somewhat different.

So i had went to a website called ScriptFodder to pay someone to help me.

I found a guy who i talked to for a while and thought i could trust.

At the time i did not know that ScriptFodder had its own payment method so i stupidly agreed to pay him through paypal.

Not only that i spent the last of my money i was going to use for my server on the guy.

He had convinced me to pay him as a family or a friend so i could not refund. After he received his payment his forum on ScriptFodder was deleted and he removed any contact i
had to him.

Moving on from the side story, I came on here to ask for some assistance on 
  1. I would like to have a script for the game mode hide and seek, that includes…

-The hiders being midgets that you see in the Vanoss videos
-The seekers having animations like swimming mid air or like the helicopter that was featured in Vanoss’s video.
Though i would like to have some custom models as well that we can work on, and be able to change them when i want to have a different player model animation.

  1. Other scripts for game modes like murder, death run, prop hunt, guess who, etc. That include…

-A script for gamemodes like that, that would improve playing and viewer experience.

I know i am asking for alot and if you cant help with all of it i at least if you could help with the first two things that would be great and i will make sure to credit you in everything that i feature my game play using the person who makes these scripts.

These are things that i could use help on but you dont have to, the most important things are the first two things…
3. Fixing anything that may be wrong with my server that may of messed up any addons, files, or scripts.

  1. Anything else that you could add or fix that would improve gaming, viewer, and the server experience.

URGENT!! I need a pizza, two bottles of coke and a new coffee mug.

This forum is not a shopping mall. For that go to https://scriptfodder.com/ or https://steamcommunity.com/app/4000/workshop/ .

It’s also the server owners job to run the server and improve the experience. You shouldn’t run a server if you don’t know what to do.
Also read the sticky/rules: