[Urgent] Medic face skin of joker

Hi guys!
I’m making a machinima for halloween but I am so stupid that I had this idea only few days ago. I’m late and my voice actor is still working so i can’t animate (i will have to make it in less then 24 hours xD). I would love to release it tomorrow or max Sunday
I still have to finish up my map and i really need a face skin for the medic. Since I’m not that good with photoshop and co. and I really don’t have time could someone make this for me? I just need joker make up on the medic face.
Here an example of the heavy (not hwm model): http://www.mediafire.com/?bebx6q34b6wcf0f
Of course I need a skin for the hwm model. Here’s the skins to do:

I don’t know if the model needs all those different face textures, maybe just medic_head.vtf (let me know what it has to be done)
Of course I will link your channel or your site or what ever you want me to link together with thanks! Sorry if I ask it so late! I know I’m quite an idiot when it’s about timing!
So thx again! I will thank you even if you will give me just the overlay to use (of course because of my skill on photoshop and the amount of time I prefer someone else to do it!)
Thx again! I hope someone will read this and that I will be able to make in time!

No help for me?