Urgent Message- Hope you see this.

Okay, so very recently some asshole has hacked sassilization.com and its GMod servers. Whoever’s been doing this has also been perma banning every single player, and a lot of us have actually paid. All I’m hoping to get out of this message is if a GMod admin could possibly find the hackers, delete their steam profiles, and somehow un-ban us. This thread sounds really stupid, but I’m very serious.

Sincerely, Dan

PS- I know this probably has nothing to do with GMod itself but alot of people have urged me to post this somewhere.

GMod admins can’t help you. Best bet is to ask steam (how you will is beyond me.) Good luck out there, Gordon.

Gmod admins don’t work at VALVe. Well that’s what I know. All that can happen is if Garry reads this he can pass it on to VALVe HQ.

The only thing i can think of is going to steam support. Or just pm this to garry and he can handle the rest.

Garry’s inbox is constantly full.



Actually, i think i’ll delete this thread. the servers should be fixed in a day (hopefully)

Yeah, the only time you’ll find anything more stuffed is when you google “Dubble Penetration”.