ON GARRYS MOD I WOULD PRESS ''play multiplayer" and i would choose…sandbox for example and the menu with all the lobbys is wight. The little box is wight. So i would go to legacy browser and click sandbox for example and the lobbys would come up.so i would click one and it will automaticly send me to the load up screen for the server…10 mins go by and im still waiting untill it does this one thing and frezzes or take me to my desktop with the black box in the top left corner that says ‘‘windows can not load screensaver’’ until i move my mouse and makes me not be able to join garrys mod even though its in my tool bar so ether way, it crashes. (i am still able to play singleplayer) [once in a while]. Please respond and if you want send me a friend request on steam. i have a mic.

(User was banned for this post ("all caps thread title" - postal))