[URGENT] Playermodel Bodygroups for Jobs

Hello dear Facepunch users

Today I’m here to ask for your help with a slightly annoying problem…

PROBLEM: I Can’t set the bodygroups of a Playermodel

I Want to set X Bodygroups to a playermodel of a Job.
However, I Tried allot of stuff and it still doesn’t work!

This is driving me crazy, and the already existing tutorials don’t work!

Here’s the code for one of the jobs as example

TEAM_RARMY = DarkRP.createJob("RA Soldier", {
    color = Color(150, 7, 7, 255),
    model = {"models/russianfed/rooskie1b.mdl"},
    description = [[You're a soldier of the Russian Army!]],
    weapons = {"keys", "fas2_ak47", "khr_makarov", "fas2_machete"},
    command = "rasoldier",
    max = 20, -- at most 70% of the players can have this job. Set to a whole," number to set an absolute limit.
    salary = 0,
    admin = 0,
    vote = false,
    hasLicense = false,
    modelScale = 1,
    PlayerSpawn = function(ply)
        ply:SetBodygroup(1, 4)
        ply:SetBodygroup(2, 0)
        ply:SetBodygroup(3, 1)
        ply:SetBodygroup(4, 1)
        ply:SetBodygroup(5, 1)
        ply:SetBodygroup(6, 3)
        ply:SetBodygroup(7, 0)
        ply:SetBodygroup(8, 1)
        ply:SetBodygroup(9, 0)
        ply:SetBodygroup(10, 2)
        ply:SetBodygroup(11, 0)

        return CLIENT

Please help me!

that code should work, are you sure the bodygroups are existing at the right indexes on the model?

and also, why are you returning CLIENT? that’s going to return false serverside

All the code, except for the bodygroups work

What do you mean about the right indexes on the model?

When I Press C -> Playermodel Selector (Select the Model) -> Bodygroups, I just do the code 1 by one.

eg. Skin --’–’--’–’-- 2 -> ply:SetBodygroup(1, 2)

Well, that came with the code for Health & armor.

so return CLIENT is not needed?