Urgent: Requesting server admins for official servers

The official servers are a great place to start off and has tons of people incoming throughout every hour every day. They’re a lot of fun and have a lot of competition due to the fact they stay jam packed most the time.

That being said, they run rampant with numerous hackers. Speedhacking, aimbotting, ESP everything and more than one at any given time. I play on “North America 3” and there’s even a whole clan of korean hackers named “Wa.” My request is that someone please tidy them up. To whomever operates these servers, this post serves as a desperate attempt in hopes of one of you seeing this and taking action. Simply a request for at minimum a weekly removal of the hackers for all the official servers, for someone to admin the servers and ban the BLATANT hackers ruining the game for everyone.

Thank you

I used to like to play on those servers but the number of hackers is just enormous and VAC seems not to work. At least not for the past few weeks. Are these hackers so hard to detect because of a engine with a lot of flaws?

I’m sure you’ve read that VAC takes time to work, and they’ve stated that lots of people have been banned already. The website says well over 1000.

I agree with you, though, that it’s difficult to keep people interested in testing the game when these hacker clans are running rampant. The official servers could probably use someone watching, since many players start out there with a legitimate interest to help test Rust.

However, on the bright side, these people are hacking and getting banned from a game that hasn’t even been officially released. They’re not that smart. They’re demonstrating security issues with the game that the developers can fix, hopefully resulting in less hacking when the game is finished. Not that I’m condoning it, but at least some good can come from it.

“I’m sure you’ve read that VAC takes time to work, and they’ve stated that lots of people have been banned already.”

I hope you realize that a lot of these people that are hacking that get banned in waves don’t care, they simple shell out another $20 to buy another account and play for another few months or whatever it is until they’re banned again.

steamcommunity.com/id/cutieqt I can’t find his other new account right now, but his name is the same on both “Bowsta” (he’s even friends with his old account on his new one) in game everyone knows he hacks, headshotting kids from 300 yards away with a bolt action.

Everyone knows they’re hacking. It ruins the game for a lot of people, and honestly one person or some kind of report system on the official servers would get rid of most of them.

Wish I saw something done about this since the official servers are nice without the typical admin abuse, but when you get ready to go out and as soon as your out all 4 of you get killed within a minute by someone you can barely even see in the distance, it’s a bit of a game wrecker.

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Some valid points in that video, but don’t think anyone expected the numbers of people to pick up Rust this early - I can’t see the hackers lasting much longer, but will be sometime until FP get the server staff and coders get onto chasing and pinning down the majority of hacks.

I know exactly what you mean.
Here we have a guy ScrotoTBaggin

totally agree. i know the Rust team is small, but i think a good investment of all that unexpected sales would be to hire a few admins for official servers.

but, that said, VAC is working. yes it takes a few weeks to execute the banhammer, but if you’ve been following the forums it was originally a slew of “hahaha i’m hacking and you’ll never stop me” threads, which have recently started to get replaced by “oh nuuuu i got VAC banned but i didn’t cheat! it was the dog/game cafe/friend/brother/admin’s fault!”. and that, is a beautiful thing.