[URGENT] When people die, they see themselves as alive NOT MIA!!

Hi. When people die on my server, they will stay alive and look alive to others in spectator. Please help! Thanks Tobias

You really should stop posting all these threads. This about the 10th time that I have seen a thread where you either request a feature or post a problem you’re having in your TTT server.

This is serious though, the POINT of this website is TO POST YOUR ERRORS! And this one is very important. When you die it will say for traitors that you are still alive, and when you have a radar, it says where the spectator is. Please help.

Even if it was, you haven’t posted an error

The point of this sub-forum is to help developers

We have a Dark RP help thread, why don’t we have a TTT help thread?

I’ll help him. This will be solved in no time.

This section is for developers. You are obviously not a developer.

Found the issue, it was a new addon that was causing the mistake.