URI Steam connect

Hey, I do some Rust server and I need to know what uri the Rust using, because “steam://connect/” not working on my website. Thanks for all replies.

This has been mentioned before, and as far as I know, currently you can’t connect that way, unless ofcourse, changes has been made, and there’s some other “quick” way to connect to a server outside the client.

Besides that, it would be:


/ and not : infront of the port.
unless my memory serves me bad.

EDIT I guess both : and / works, although not for this game, maybe someone with a better memory could help.

I try URI with / instead :, but still not working. But Steam opens a window where it says: server not responding

Ï just tried it too, even with app defined, it didn’t work, ohh well.

Anyone help?

Rust isn’t a Source game, remember. It doesn’t automatically support everything Gmod/etc. does.

It’s also in alpha still.

Under that logic
Just cause 2 is a source game.



It’s just steamworks, it’s not implemented fully yet.

So is there any way to connect to my server from my website? Like a URI?

unless im being really dumb isnt it URL

Nope, different thing.