Uriel Septim from a Parallel Universe

It’s ET



Inspired by Kleeborb:

Oh shit, it’s ghostriel Septim!


What the fuck??

Vort leg on gaurd???


rates funny


Whups just noticed vort head on gaurd…


Lol, nice pose for people who like oblivion.

"You are the one from my dreams, SO YOU MUST DIE!’’


Where did you download the models btw?

Silferz gave em to me, i think they’re in the models section.


Nice, bro.

Hahahaha. Nice one.

Where in the section? Cant find them and I want them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool pic btw :smiley:

I found the thread with dead links :(.


Care reuploading this Crazy Knife? And sorry for asking in your thread, but I think it would be more annoying to do so on PMs lol

nice picture, i lol’d now where the fuck can i aqiure those models?

They’re not in the release section. They’re in the models section [WIP] Oblivion something. And there are instructions on how to dl, if you get a dead link you did it wrong.

I didnt looked in the Model section root… My mistake :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the info!

The guard is a vort lol

Oh god memories of Oblivion rushing back

haha what the flux