Urulozan's Discovery [Vortigaunt finds a downed aircraft]

Now, here’s where things will chronologically progress, as a sort of long story, and I know it’s a long read but don’t be lazy. Trust me when I say it’s more work to write these than to read them.

Pronunciation: Oo-ruh-lozen Sheh-loo-kah


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Myrmidont Taming:

Kunetuk Mu’Hei:

Colonel Mejshrafir Shi’lutoi:

you’re on a roll man, keep it up.

Actually thinking about it now, you should absolutely work on a comic for this kind of thing. Hell make it a movie if you can.

I think this is one of the best installments yet. Bravo.

I feel reluctant to do so, but at the same time I want to. I just don’t know if I would be able to keep it interesting. Plus, it’s getting complicated using Ep.2 maps and trying to get angles without human structures. Now if I had some Xen maps (like if Black Mesa: Source came out) then I would have a field day. Anyhow, I will consider it, and possibley add more meat to the story for that kind of thing.

'Preciate the comments.

Piece of art.


Oh my sweet jesus, this is beautiful, you sir have won yourself a colorful pallet.

Nice. Another pallet to your collection.

i spot houses in the background


This wouldn’t work as a comic, only a story board.

Main reason is that you **explain **and characterize each picture with a story. In a comic, we’d have to do it ourselves, and we wouldn’t set the right scene you did.

And anyway, each picture feels like a comic, backed up with the story.

Great stuff man!

It could potentially be in a pseudo-documentary style. But I suppose you’re right.

Thanks everyone!

Yeah I love the fact you charactize pictures and give emotion to them. It’s really art.

Oh Snap!

The story is very articulate and well told, and the edit is another welcomed addition into my Gmod folder.

Great work as always Ben.

Thanks. :smiley:

Also, How’re the maskless CP’s coming along?

All hope was lost until I found Fakefactory’s website. He has the very first edition of Cinematic mod which is where most of those facemaps came from.

I should have them ready in the next few days.

That’s a great story

This might help you. It has a couple of Xen maps that might be useful to you. I’ve used them for my own stuff, and they work for what you’d need them for.

ON THE PICTURE, it really is one of the best ones so far. Keep it up!

Wow! Those would do wonders!