[US] 1/2craft [PvP/Sleep] FRESH 1/1/14

[US] 1/2craft [PvP/Sleep] FRESH 1/1/14

Press F1 and copy+paste -> net.connect

We are currently looking to grow our active player-base and form a community. All are welcome to join.
Do what ever you want in this server; Raid, PvP, PvE, make it your home.
With active admins, this server will be up to date everyday and hackers will be dealt with accordingly. This server will not be wiped unless deemed necessary (game patch).

Server info:
3 Active Admins to manage the server
1/2 craft time
Airdrops at 10 players (Subject to change)
Future events as player-base grows.

Rules: (For now)
-No Hacking/Griefing/Glitching
-Respect other players

Our Server Guarantee:
#1 No bullshit, our server will be guaranteed 100% admin free unless hackers are present. Admin powers truly ruin the game.
#2 Up-to-date server with no wipes unless necessary.
#3 Helpful & active Admins

Also, join us on steam! ** http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dbastard**

I can be reached in-game or via steam @ “DBNEW”

Great server with active players. Its still fresh so come on in.

Servers still fresh!


I’ve been playing in here for few days now. Man I had a lot of fun. Great server, friendly ppl, no admin abuse, 1/2 time crafting is great. A great server overall
Thanks guys

Need some more regulars in here for airdrops!


We need more guys in here

Played in the server last night for a couple hours… Admins were a bunch of immature trolls and some barely spoke english (everyone who’s posted in this thread is admin)

Overall, bad experience 3/10