<US>#1 Multiplay <The Bandits> 1/28 PvP-SleepON-Airdrops at 20 ppl = 1 each 1hr- Activ Admins DoorCodes&Oxide


PvP / Sleepers / 50% Craft / AirDrops / Door Codes / Oxide Mod Updated to last version.[ New 1/29 started at 03:00 pm ]

Crafting is only 1/2 of the full time, Random airdrops starting at 20 users, 1 every 2 hrs

Gather Explosives and Weapons

Explosives and weapons are a a rare drop or loot item. Use the explosives to craft a charge.

Starting Kits

For real? Work for it sod.

Share Doors

Share doors with your friends to give them access to your fortresses and shelters ( /share “name” or /unshare “name”)

Door Code

Awsome door codes just like the old safe , 4 digit combination .For changing or entering the code holde “e” on the door.


There are custom RustOxide plugins to prevent hackers from accessing the server.

Drop Rates

There are increased and decreased drop rates for certain items in the game to allow for a more balanced end game.


Create your own groups, invite players to them, have your own dedicated chat channel, Type /ghelp for more information

Other Chat Commands

Private message your friends, Display the players online, Chat History, Location and more!

[Share Doors]
/share “playername” – Shares your doors with player.

[Get Location Coordinates]
/location – Display X Y Z coordinates of your location

[Player List]
/who - Shows all the players connected to the server.

[Chat History]
/history – Displays last 20 messages in chat.

[Private Messaging]
/pm [player] [message] – Private messages (PM) a player

/gcreate [Name] – Create a group with this name
/gdelete – Delete a group
/ginvite [Playername] – Invite a player to your group
/gcancel – Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
/gaccept – Accept the invitation
/gleave – Leave your current group
/g [Message] – Sends group message
/gwho – Shows online group members
/ghelp – Group help commands
/ginfo – Shows the group name and member count
/glist – Shows a list of all groups (names)