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**Who we are:**1up is a community of 5 years that started with one game and is now spreading to multiple games through out the steam universe. We have now moved to rust. We have a very mature community with a lot of our members being 18+! All administrators/refs assigned to the server have gone through a rigorous application process and will provide the server with the utmost care. Any abuse of power from any administrator will result in a ban from the server and submitted to be scrutinized under our policy (which you can read on our website.) www.1upclan.info

The Server: The server will be vanilla outside of instacrafting. We may move to oxide when it is available, but we like to keep the game original. This allows less server downtime and conflicts within the mod itself. This also can be a breath of fresh air for some as the flood of modded servers rise.

You guys can do pretty much whatever you want on the server? PVP, yes. PVE, yes. Just want to build with some friends, go ahead. Want to raid, do it. Everything is possible for you to do including C4, just follow the rules below.

Rules are simple:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Hacking, cheating, glitching will result in an unappealable permaban. If you see someone doing any of this please report it on our website under the “cheaters” section.
  3. Have fun, anything goes. That means raiding, killing, c4, nakkid orgies… all of it.
  4. Read the rules and policy on the 1up site

We do not tolerate any sort of admin abuse as stated above, any admin found abusing will be banned from the server and scrutinized further.

Connect here: net.connect

IP will stay the same, but we may be pointing the IP to our name servers. So we’ll keep you updated.


Giving a bump. Have had a few fun encounters so far, hopefully can expect more!