[US] 2/28 Wiped, Hardcore, PvP, Sleeper, Stats, PMs, Airdrops, LongDays!!!

Hey everyone!

Come check out our Hardcore server. And by that I mean it isn’t for the casual player. When you first start, you will have a window of protection from pvp, so you can try to get established as soon as possible. But mind you, its no easy feat! You will only start out with knowing how to make Campfire, Torch, Stone Hatchet, Shelter, Bow, and Arrow! Everything else you must find the blueprint for, whether it is off Other players, or any Animal in the game. That’s right, Finally get rewarded for killing those Rabbits, and Deer, and boar!

The server is very noob friendly, so If you have questions just ask in all Chat.

These are some features on our server!

Stater Kits - Come in and type /kit starter or /kit basic to get a jump start on some gear!
Airdrops! - We have it set to 10 players!
Stats! - See your kill’s and Deaths! and more!
Ranking! - See where you stand in the top 10 Killers/Deaths/PvE Slain
Private Messaging in Chat - For when you don’t have voice, or aren’t near each other and you want to plan on meeting somewhere!
Kill/Death Messages - See who is out there killing other players!
Staff List - to show who the Admins are
Owner Removal! - Accidentally placed that foundation? No problem, just grab a pick axe! Swing 1 time for a warning, Swing twice to remove it and get partial resources!
Ticket System - Contact an admin via opening an Active ticket, whether it’s because you have found a bug, having issues with server, or want to report a player!
Refer a Friend Teleport! - Join our server and bring some friends! - When you do, Each friend will be given a Teleport to your location right away, so you can get grouped early! Just ask an admin, have both players confirm! And you will be building together in no time!
Sleepers! - Be careful where you log out!
Hardcore! - You have to learn everything! There is no getting every weapon in 2 hours anymore!
Military weapons only come from Airdrops!

If you like the sound of this, please come and play!!!


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned." - postal))