[US 5/2] Mount Olymprust Vanilla|NODURA|Noob Fri

So what’s up everyone, how ya doing? This is a newly server, made yesterday 5/2/14 by a guy i know named DrewPk. Drew made this server differently from most other servers in the fact of, admin abuse. He picks his admins that he trusts, and knows. You will know all admins, none are to be “under cover” in a sense where you don’t know who they are, and if you ask them, they will not hide it. If an admin is caught spawning in, or helping someone else in an unfair manner, they will be banned. This server says “noob friendly” but like most, kos’ing is usually allowed, and isnt bannable on here. Its NOT expected, but is allowed. This server has had almost ZERO to NO lag, what so ever (pvp, rad towns, bases, mining ect) There are still some lag spikes here and there from the server still being new and what not, but its the best that iv’e been on. The community so far is great, the pvp is amazing because of the no lag, and no ABUSIVEADMIN POWAZZZ! The IP for the server for the people that want to connect through startup/console is Don’t forget to bring your friends, and don’t hack :slight_smile: Cya on there guys!

Hey there, I wanted to stop by and explain a little about some of the features we have and the main goal of the server. Currently we are a Vanilla server with Oxide, and all of our plugins are specifically chosen to improve the quality of life to the original game.

Some features include-
*An arrow recovery plugin EX. you kill a rad bear with arrows, You then get 0-2 arrows back in your inventory. works with all animals.
*Anti Cheat-With a little more security then just vac bans, it will deter the frequency of hackers.
*/history command-the ability to see the last 20 messages posted in chat by players!
*Shared Doors- So its easy to share doors without passcodes to trusted friends!
*Admin Remover tool- Made a boo-boo with building? Wall yourself in? send in a ticket and we may help you.
*A ticket system-Get the attention of Mods and admins quickly and discreetly by sending in a /ticket “MSG” which will notify all administrators of your issue secretly.

As you can see, we value the original gameplay of rust and want to keep it fairly close. We value community feedback and would love if you stopped by to set up a build. Most players are friendly and although we do have some bandits, it is my belief that it adds depth to the game. JOIN TODAY! be a demi-god! get your build on!

If you have any questions or would like to actively contribute to the direction of the server, add Drewpk on steam.

Mount Olymprust- :rolleyes:

Good fun server, come check it out!

Great server, really enjoy my time here it’s worth trying out. The people are funny and the staff are great so take the time to check out the server and see what you’ve been missing :smiley: