[US] 50 slot | Vanilla | Air Drops | Sleeper | PvP | Friendly | NEW 2/24


Just wanted to let everyone know that we just started up a server located in Chicago. We would love to see some new people stop by the server and make a home, bring some friends and build a base! Any questions feel free to ask here or in game :slight_smile: We just want to have a good time playing, and will increase the server slots depending on demand.

Stop by and say hi!

Server IP:



Just to give an update, we have a small population on the server right now, roughly 10 players all building their houses in different areas.

Now is a great time to join us and form some alliances, we still havenโ€™t had the first airdrop!

Some people have been asking me through PMs, so I will just update here for further questions!

We DO have active admins!
WE DO practice fair admin rights, the admins play the game the same way as all players!
We DO allow PVP, kill who you want, but beware that people have friends!

The server is only 50 slots right now, once we get a core group of players here it will be increased as desired by the community. Make this more than a server, make it the place to make friends and meet new people!

UPDATE: Any new players who need a hand getting into the game please go to www.rustmap.net and try to locate the small rad town. There is a hotel north of that location that offers a few days of safety while you catch your bearings, if you need a hand getting there just ask for directions in chat!

BUMP! This server is awesome, but needs players :smiley: