Us 5th Ranger battalion moving in the area while two sergeants are talking

Wel actually this is a picture of some models i want to release. A 5th ranger battalion pack, and i wanted to ask you guys should i release these? Its the dods rifleman body with different ranks different faces and uniform colours. Here they are:

Tell me if you want me to release these. (guy nearby the truck not included :slight_smile:

P.S. i know its not really well posed but it was only to show these models

Aren’t those Wile E. Coyote’s?

You can’t “release” other people’s stuff that’s already released.

I would give wile e coyote full credit. And dont forget the dodpack all those stuff was also already released for dod. And otherwise ill hold them for myself

You should get the FH Tank Pack.

You can hex skins, good job.

I have the tank pack.


Hey!? Ho rated me dumb!? lol