US Airborne Finds a New Comrade in the Most Unlikely of Places.

Out manned and out gunned, our hero ran. He went against everything he was ever taught and ran. He ran away from that cold, Russian bunker. He ran to The City. He ran there to find something to kill the pain, something to make the memory go away. Something to make him forget, and start anew the next day. But that’s not what fate had in store for him. His destiny was to go back to the Bunker, and this time, not alone.

***His accent gave him away as Russian, but his story gave him away as a friend. He too had lost something in that bunker, he had also lost a woman.

“Her name,” he begins hesitantly, “Was Sascha. She make killing time very easy for me, together we make helping Party very goodly. But one day, I take Sascha to dinner, and they come and take her. Tell me I am no longer useful and blow up restaurant.”

A tear wells up in his eye, but he swipes it away.

“But they cannot kill one for make wanting revenge. Together we get Sascha and Your Woman back.” He extends a large, bear-like hand.

“Yeah,” Our Hero responds, returning the handshake.

" And then we’ll end this war."***

what the hell

The fuck is with Heavy’s Head?!

i don’t know what’s up with it

oh wait nvm…

Nice story and I thought it was meant to be a kinda joke when I saw that cart00ny heavy,but I read the description fully.LOL

Contrast is a little heavy.

haha the heavy looks so retarded