US Airborne is about to melee attack.


Wow, that’s awesome. I don’t really see anything wrong with it.

Crunching snow is kind of hard to not hear. Still looks pretty good.

Hey, pretty nice. You’re still getting better.

Posing’s great, but why is he about to stab him if he can shoot him from a distance? A good pose is a good pose, but common sense in the actions occuring within it would be nice.

um… maybe saving ammo?

Looks like he’s got at least 4 full magazines on his vest. :3:

Maybe he does not have a silencer?

Well, they don’t have silencers and there could be another patrol nearby.

Good posing and angle as usual. The bloom and all the white in the picture is kinda overloading though.

Posing seems good, but the guy on the left is holding his gun awkwardly. Also, the filters are a bit overdone–I really can’t tell what’s going on in the picture.

i kinda want them models hehe really good looks alot like bad company 2

I think this is excellent. The posing is perfect

That’s fuckin’ badass.

“I got this one.”

I’d like a less de-saturated version more, but this is still nice. Needs some motion blur.

That’s why they dipped it in milk first…

care to give me the map name? :slight_smile:

I don’t like the desaturation much.

I really like the stabby pose, feels natural

I think it’s freaking epic. It does remind me a lot of BFBC2.