US Airborne is Betrayed by his only Ally.

it turns out the raptor was working with the commies all along!

what will our hero do now? stay tuned to find out.

rate or hate bishes

o shi! russkie raptors! Flee!

Lol whats with the Raptors nowadays!
Nice pose btw.

Excellent posing except the raptor’s toe on his right foot is kind of messed up.

Raptor Rusky D:

Should have known, his scales were too red to begin with.

Noice pic.

Almost looks like the raptor has his hand up her ass. :q:

Too much contrast.

ROFL i luw it !

The swords shouldn’t be pitch black, but I like the posing. And I hate the raptor for betraying the US Airborne. Shame on you, dinosaur, on you and your moral values!

Rexy should save the day, raptor is a commie bastard!

Is that an untextured spot I see?

Didn’t see that coming.