US Airborne trooper and a Wehrmacht soldier in intense melee combat

Wanted to try something WWII-related.

At the house in background noise&Blur is kinda off, otherwise nice.

Which one of them? :v:

It looks like theres a little bit of wasted space, but still and awsome picture.

Melee combat does not include pistols wat

They are hitting each other with their pistols.

Weak men use knives.

Yep. The German is going to hit the Airborne in the face with his Luger.

Motion blur is really good. The burning seems a tad excessive though and the Airborne guy’s arm looks like plastic.

A lot of people say that my pics have lots/a little bit of wasted space, I think I’ll start zooming in more/cropping the pictures. :ninja:

Motion blur? There’s only Super DoF :buddy:

And I agree with you about the arm, I should have used softer rim lighting on it.

The german soldier was meant to have a knife/shovel, but didn’t find any good knives. I didn’t know any better title either.

Something tells me the American will be winning within a few seconds.
Nice pose!

OH SHI- MOTHER F. I just finished doing a pose just like this, goddamnit, well I guess I gotta put mine in the trash ;_;.

Go ahead and post it, I don’t mind :buddy:

“don’t say a word or i’m gonna shoot the concrete floor!”

Okay, let me get it


Actually fuck it, Bloo made a new toy so i’m going to pose with it :buddy:

Nice editing and posing.

The DoF, editing and posing all look pretty good. Nice!

Is there any chance for a link to the Airbourne models (and the German if he’s head-hacked)?

Love the german’s ‘oh shit’ face.

For the Airborne dude, I just searched “Airborne” on

The German came with a DoDS reskin pack, and the name is photoshopped on.

Just for the record, that 1911 Colt is way too modern.

It is? Oh damn, I should have used the DoDS one.