Come join our PVP Noob friendly server! We also have setup a battle arena where we have deathmatch, team vs or free for all battles for in-game currency and items!

Server fully wiped and reconfigured 2/1/14!!!



Modified loot tables ensure military grade weapons and explosives (M4, MP5, Grenade, C4) are NOT abundant, giving new players a chance to get established and grow!

Daily airdrops when server reaches 20 players, bring your friends!

Economy - buy/sell items on the market, get money for killing players/animals.

Bounty System - reward people for doing your dirty work, or claim bounties on other players heads!

Banking System - Save your hard earned money from getting stolen each time you die.

Additional resource spawns throughout the map, and constantly being added!

Additional loot boxes in most of the major radtowns and civilian areas, be sure to look everywhere!

Active and friendly administrators that actually play the game, no admin abuse here we won’t stand for it!

Join now!

Here’s a video of a little 2 vs 2 deathmatch in the arena last night…all arrows, some chicken and healthpacks, all players had the same gear…was a blast…

back to the top guys come play! still fresh and not over run by overpowered maniacs!