Hello Survivors, Welcome to Evul Gaming 150 man Rust server.

Server Informations:
Slots: 150
Press F1 and copy/past this: net.connect

Looking For More Trusted Admin = Mature and knows their way around

We decided to get our own server on 1/23, Now up and running very smoothly with low ping high quality server
Trying to have at least one admin on at all times, also have a very friendly staff.
We want to start a growing community and have a server that people can join and be treated respectfully.
We ALWAYS encourage people to be nicer to newcomers and give them a chance to start out!

+ There will be an airdrop event at <time is not chosen yet, stay tunes>. Be smart and chose wisely which airdrop you want to try to get.
The amount of airdrops will depend on how many poeple are playing at this time.

+ I am going to hide a few large storage boxes with valuable loot all over the map.

No Cheating - results in a permban
No Flaming / when you get raided
No Racism
No Duping - results in a permban
WE WILL NOT TOLERATE HACKERS OF ANY KIND!!! If you suspect someone is hacking
please let an active admin know and we will investigate accordingly! If you have proof someone
is hacking either it be video, chat log, etc… please let us know or post proof of the hacker here. Thank you!

SPAWN ITEMS IN FOR YOU (so please don’t ask)
We DON’T abuse admin powers! Us admins have rules to not interfere with you guys.

Help you with anything you need.
If you are stuck or glitched somewhere (and have a lot of loot on you) please ask a staff member to help you, we wont always help you get UN-stuck but if we are being generous then we might help out.

Have hosted random events, depending on the amount of players on at the given time.
-Gladiator Arena - 1v1 2v2 4v4 exc.
We have a HUGE Arena built way out in the waste-lands (out of the map)
With multiple game settings. (Winner Wins Prize)

-In-Door Gun Tag - Respawns 4v4+
Just like laser tag… but more bloody?
Mass respawns

-**Survivor Arena - 1v1v1v1v1+ **(coming soon)
This will be just like the Gladiator Arena But this one has houses, resources, and Animals.
Using the recourse for building armor and or weapons. Starting with only a Bow and Hatchet!

-Tower Wars - 1v1 +
2 large towers connected to get to either side. fight to death!

RustOxide API
Running RustOxide which is a developer API, it allows for infinite possibilities to make
modifications to the rust server, There are always new things being developed for EVUL.

PvP/Sleeper/50% Craft/AirDrops
Crafting is 50% faster, Random airdrops occur.

Join many quests and complete objectives to earn additional rewards. (coming soon)

Custom Commands
Private message your friends(coming soon), Display the players online, Chat History, Location (coming soon) and more!

[Share Doors]
/share [playername] – Shares your doors with player.

[Player List]
/list - Shows all the players connected to the server.

[Chat History]
/history – Displays last 20 messages in chat.


Owner: "Warzor"

//Thanks you for taking interest in our server.Have fun and hopefully we will see you soon\


I for one am glad there is finally a server where the admins are not destroying everything by spawning unlimited c4, complaining when we storm their base (taking back our stuff) and booting us as a consequence. finally i can stop wandering servers, and i hope the activities make things more intresting.

Just got More mods up and running with new updates!
Once we get more people in, we
can start letting people join the big Arena!

Just hopped on the other day and was greeted right away and felt welcoming. Each day its been getting better and better by filling with nice people and some new mods. I would really like to see this server get even MORE people. Cant wait for more Arena fights!

My only complaint is I play Rust with a friend who can only get on for 2-3 hours at night so we need a server that has the option to teleport to another player. But still a very nice server.

Thank you very much for your reply. I Did have Teleport mod on but i ended up taking it off due to the physics and how the game map is supposed to be played…
I think in a none pvp game would fit perfectly example: being chased by another player and you dont want to die so you tell your friend to teleport you to him!
I still might put it on. maybe 1 teleport every 3 or 6 hours?
When more people get on, i will put the discution up for what everyone wants.
like economy $?
Please keep the suggestions coming!