[US] ArizonaRusted` |NoMilitary|PVP|Sleeper|HalfCraft|Essential

Hello everyone the names Robert AKA Novokit and I am the owner/admin of the server [US] ArizonaRusted |NoMilitary|PVP|Sleeper|HalfCraft|Essential

A little about myself, a 23 year old full time employee/father who spents his free time playing videos games while tryin’ to catch a buzz of some whiskey. I bought to server for myself and a couple of co-workers but anyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

FRESH SERVER! Started 1/19

Server offers…
*Sleepers On
*Half Craft
*No Military Weapons (M4,MP5,P250,9MM)
*Door Share
*Starter Kit
*Airdrops (require 10 players min.)
*Uses Rust Essentials MOD
*Equal Admin (that means we [the admins] earn everything just like anyone else would)

Rules are simple…

  1. Anything goes.
  2. NO Cheating/Exploits/Hacking (instaban)
  3. Be mature.

How you choose to play is up to you, many people KOS (kill on sight) because they’re afraid of losing what they’ve earned. How you play is up to you, but don’t hesitate to try and make allies and forge friendships. We’re here to laugh, play, and mow people down! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Have any questions feel free to contact me in-game or on steam.