US Army coming under fire on an arid planet



Special thanks to Angry Baker for the MW2+Halo models combination concept.
C&C please!

The visor: A Haze reference?

Everything is good, except for the muzzleflash. It’s too small.

The scene and atmosphere look amazing, the gore and the editing look awesome.
I dont like the pose on the guy on the ground, his hand look kinda odd.
All the other posing looks great.

And I specially like the cracked visor showing the eye on the front soldier, it looks so real.

Muzzleflash on the tank looks a little bad angled.

looks really good!

the only thing I don’t like are the solid colored helmets, personally I think they’d look better if they were camo like the uniforms, but that’s just my personal taste, it looks great as always

Well, I had the idea for the shattered glass before I started editing but, as I progressed, I realised how much it reminded me of Haze, so began using a Haze picture as my reference.

Well spotted!

Really impressive Chesty. Really impressive. You did a really good job with the arid desert atmosphere, and all of the editing looks superb. The shadows (especially under the tank) the blood, and the broken visor all look really well done. You also pulled the halo-marine idea off better than Baker. Really awesome job!

Nice headhacks!

haha pretty damn nice idea! (and well executed as usual!)
'ave some wood

Awesome, I luv it.

Holy shit Chesty this is by far my favorite of all your work. Would you mind if I tried some of this stuff out myself ingame but no post any pictures? Because this gives me a great idea.

Also this is my new desktop

Very nice are they models or not?

I love it. Contrary to Cpl. Combine’s dislike of the uncoloured helmets, I quite like the idea of them being sterile-white. Reminds me of Portal.

I dont like the half body, looks weird with the arms.

I pretty much stole the idea from Angry Baker, so I’m sure I can give you permission to use the idea for yourself! Haha.

Inflater tool is your friend.

Thanks for all the comments so far guys, highly appreciated! Keep them coming, please!

Wow Chesty, You never cease to amaze me! This is one of my favourite pictures by you! Desktop’d! =D
Have wood!

But my only issue is the muzzleflash is too small aswell =P

It’s weird, when Baker did it I hated it, but when Chesty does it I love it!
Way to go, amazing editing and that dude on the ground…I’m pretty sure he is F.U.B.A.R.

Nice. The soldiers remind me of the soldiers in the Avatar trailer.

Oh my god, that’s awesome, you made me cum : )

Thats really awesome, I love the gore

Holy shit, what could have caused that body on the ground? It looks like a damn Tank drove over him.