US-Army - Fallujah - Scenebuild

Americas Army- house-by-house search through Fallujah.


The map is gm_flatgrass_2009


Awesome street textures, and what are the construction models for the walls and buildings?

This is truely amazing, desktop backtrop.

^ Artistic.

Can I get a link to the map?


And that is a superb scenebuild. Very good use of Insurgency models.

Keep working on your editing though. The whole picture is kinda blurry and overly contrasted and the edges of the smoke and dust are very sharp. The posing is a little iffy too.


really nice editing and scenebuild, although the posing is a bit weird

Jawdropping scenebuild, looks like the soccerball is floating a bit though.
Also I couldn’t help myself.

Why do you write titles of movies and games in italic?


Also, great scenebuild!

^ Chesty is a New Zealander/Australian/Indian/South African/British

Thx for your comments/critics!

OHH,I should stop using ingame blur ;/

Link to original here —>

Map download —>

Link to the props?

Nice scenebuild, but the editing doesn’t look very good and the posing could use work.

Cool to see a moderator around here.

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Nah, but i think the posing is better than the one in the “reference” pic lol

It’s the proper thing to do.

Rated informative.

Rated rainbow.


But I meant to rate artistic…

Wow. That looks like a real map. Great work. Just touch up some of the posing.