US Army kevlar stuff

[tab]name:[/tab] US Army kevlar stuff

[tab]requirements:[/tab] gmod, a brain

[tab]Readme:[/tab] put it in addons

[tab]version:[/tab] V1


[tab]contains:[/tab] a vest and 2 helmets a desert version and a woodland version

[tab]credits:[/tab]Romka: making the models
sgt.shotup: hacking them
Zupadupazupadude: skinning

they are actually ment for rusty`s national guards, but i dont care.

And the helmets had a weird light problem you can see that on the 2nd pic, but thats fixed kind of look at the 1st pic to see that :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. I can’t see the first picture, but is the desert camo the only type they have on them?

No theres also a woodland version

Okay. Nice.


Awesome, i like this

I like how the guys in the back would be firing over their brothers’ heads.

NICE but can you put the kevlar and helmet on the national guards and then release them? Sometimes I get to lazy to put them together

IDK, the helmets just look kind of weird on them, like they’re scaled a bit weird.

What map is that anyways? Reminds me of something…

The maps are from Insurgency

Bump Do I need Left 4 Dead for these?