US Army ranger cautiously investigates a room, M16 at the ready

approx. 20 Mins posing, 4 hours editing

(MW2 is one of the most funnest games ive ever played)

nice pic bro

Awesome, i take it the laser was done in photoshop? It’s really good.

Goddamn. You and your amazing editing again ;D

Where’s the laser?

in front of the gun

May we have the original to compare?


One problem I can say though, they don’t use red lasers, it’s more of the IR lasers and more likely to be a red dot scope (M86).

thats true, but there are a lot of things in MW2 that they don’t use

Yes, it’s really hilarious.

Very nice (as always). Very descriptive title.

funnest, not funniest. Learn to read.

yeah it wasn’t funny at all

Nice pic I’m going to go use my M16 now.

I’m in the army niggles: His deployment patch isn’t any ranger batt that I know, rangers don’t use M16A4s especially with iron sights. Your vis laser beam isn’t coming out of…a piece of laser equipment (normally a peq15).

Other than that, your editing is nice and real subtle and not overly blinding with the light or anything. Good show.

Great shading and use of real photography.