US army SF models (Beta Version)

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will be create more that

Step right up! XD



(you need plususmc,AA3,superfrog SF models)

Required elements

enjoy ~

US army SF models Link


Models editing: zz8140 , ddok1994

Uh, why does the guy in the picture have 2 sets of glasses…?

Perhaps because of VMT?

What the hell! I see eyes behind the glasses on his helmet D:
Its creeping me out

What do you mean?

The VMT is the material command, whats that got to do with **TWO **goggles.

blue color

What does the fact that the lenses are blue have to do with the fact that he’s got 2 goggles on?


Nice one glad to see you posed them well aswell :smiley:

Dont like the blue glass.

What the fuck, you need to start speaking english. I haven’t got a clue what you just said.

They turn blue after alot of use?

These are goggles, not a pregnancy test.


Sorry… I just had to…


Nice job there,

Maybe he/she just made the original model with the goggles on, and then just decided to put other set as an attachment, also this is a BETA so finding errors and stuff on it it’s a possibility.

The thread is about the models. Whether he/she is good speaking english or not, is irrelevant.

Now, i haven’t got a clue about what does that mean.

Again great modelling, and if you don’t like something, then just post your idea of how it should be or simply don’t download them.

the model is really good, but the blue goggles destroys it

Frank you are so intuitive, so intuitive in fact that it is interesting that you have not realized these are hacks of cod4 models put together. The issue is with the texture or texture reflection and the hacking, not the modeling done by Infinity Ward (That’s a company by the way Frank).

Speaking english directly interferes with the model in question when said author cannot comprehend the feedback that you are gloating over about providing.

Alright then, my mistake, since the author didn’t say that they were ported COD4 models, i thought this person made them, so therefore ignore the previous post.
I Can be a real asshole sometimes.

Frank, if you read the thread properly you would understand that all our comments are relevant. Snip that post up thar


Allow me

Alot of times soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan or other desert theaters of war wear a set of sunglasses and still have the issued goggles for things such as dust storms and what not

Regardless… the blue glass is a bit much…

>: ( sorry …While the other was thinking