US Army Skins

Looking for some US Army skins to give my players on my Military Sim Clan training server. Something that looks like this

for our Officers and

for our members in training.

Why would you have military sim clan training in garrysmod?

Why not have one? We are at 19 members in our clan, so people enjoy it.

Just a tip. ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead. Ya’ll probably play it already if you’re a military sim clan, else I do not know why you’d want to do it in garrysmod now…

i would rather say, that ArmA is a good game for good computers. The optimalisations sucks. If your computer can’t handle an ArmA II, then play BF3, it’s still a quite realistic game (but it’s like totally unreal copared to arma).

lol gmod for military sim

US Army and Marines are too mainstream.

Garrysmod is like the worst possible game to have a military sim anything

Gmod is best for fun misc activities and posing and machinimas. As said above, ArmA is the one used for army sims

Those are great ragdolls, but im looking for player model.

As it has already been said, don’t use Gmod if you’re going for a Military Simulator. It won’t work.