US Army soldier tells the camera about the tank graveyard (changed again)

Great Tank Deals

Woo! Care Packages!

Not bad, but could be a lot better.

You could have made the background blend a bit more with him. He looks dark and kind of grainy while the background is clear and bright.

Maybe find a way to add a shadow for him, otherwise I loved it! Have an art

His face looks awkward.

Those tanks looks sad.

I think he should be a bit brighter.
the way the face blends with his head is great though.

okay I made him brighter god damn

should’ve done it before you applied the grain but whutever

okay NOW is it better? god u guys r picky fucks

Their just trying to “help” lol.

Looks way better i didn’t like what you did on the first one on the soldier.

I was J/King

lets talk about the new version shall we?


why did you write i love you elanie on the tanks.

do you not understand that people can track this elanaine and rape her in butt

what makes you think I wrote that hm?


I think he’s trying to tell us that the tank got fucked.

thats one way to interpret it i guess

The body region fits really well with the picture, but certain areas like the rifle and the legs don’t fit very well.

The legs seem to have outlines.