US Army Surrenders, but are quickly shot at.

Gogo Nazis.

Again, please comment.

I don’t want generic this, generic that, just please say something. I know I’m not as good as others, and probably never will be, but come on, I barely worked up the courage to do this one. Honestly, that sentence is a cry out for attention.

Bigger Picture Here

2 people are no the US army, and the snow on the ground is not good. and the posing of the army guy is not good either.

Nice, but the guy getting shot looks wierd somehow.

Posing on the US guy seems really odd. Editing is nice though, especially the snow (although the snow on the ground looks pretty dodgy, the falling snow is great).

What’s this Satan? I’ve seen you edit better than this! The falling snow looks alright, but the snow on the ground, the smoke and the blood came out pretty bad :frown:

It’s a real shame because you usually have such awesome and atmospheric stuff. I don’t think you should have tried pulling an Uberslug (the snow on the ground, the real pictures really don’t blend into the picture at all) and the blood almost looks like you used the paint spraycan tool.

Keep workin man, you may not think you get many comments but you will pick up if you keep up with your good work.

This isn’t logical at all.
Because US never surrenders!

As I’ve stated, I’m really lost as to how much I’ll work on something, this was just plastered on crap, with some erases and thats it, I threw ragdolls onto the ground, and posed some crappy soldiers.

Really, I’ve been doing this for near as long as you, and I’m just lost as to keep on wanting to continue. Usually there are two pages, what do I usually get? 8, most of around 10 or more. I take that for granted, yes, of course because some people don’t get commented on at all.

I’d suggest watching some movies, and recreating scenes from them. It might not be original, but it can usually help you get back into your groove if you are stuck for posing. I did those matrix poses and now I’m flooding with ideas (albeit they are still kinda movie inspired, but not direct scenes)

Another thing that helps me out with my ideas is a little more editing oriented (but you are still a good editor so it could help you out too) try thinking about some kind of new effect or atmosphere that you want to try editing, then create a picture that mainly focuses around that.

I hope I can help because I really like your stuff.

I do get what you’re saying V, but it’s the fact that I don’t know if I want to do it. I can come up with ideas, yes, watching movies would help, and I can come up with ideas of my own and try to picture it’s layout, usually comes out nicely and the way I want it, but it seems others don’t. Thus why I think some of things I do are generally unwanted, and trying to go on a curve with the ball, trying to do things I know I can’t… But try anyway, if that makes sense.

That allied soldier is like “I quit, had enough of this…”

The falling snow is some of the best I’ve seen.

The wehrmacht didn’t use the fg42(Fallschirmjägergewehr 42) the Fallschirmjägers did (german paratroopers).


Pretty awesome.

Good picture. You can improve it BTW.