[US-Atlanta]Divine Chaos (BeginnerFriendly/Rust++/PVP)


The Divine Chaos server is founded by a group of friends that go back 10 years. We came from servers who had admins that abused their powers, people who hunted beginners, and hackers. Our goal with the server is to make a welcoming beginner friendly environment that supports end game goals such as PVP, raids, events, and much more. We keep our website up to date with the latest information going on in the server, from known bandits to our current configuration logs and loot tables.

We are looking to populate our servers with people who will help beginner players get a foot hold in the game while at the same time provide for intense and challenging PVP for other players that are well versed in the art of survival in Rust. As the server expands we plan on devoting pages on our website to growing factions of players in our server. Come and join us for the good and the bad times that survival games create.

How to connect:
In the Main Menu press F1 to access the console then copy & paste net.connect into the console to join!

Hank Stonewall

Location | Atlanta
Slots | 100
Door Share
Starter Kits

*Let’s have some fun! Join Us: *