Want to endlessly fight to the death in a chaotic battlefield TDM Rust server?

Type /kit bf
in game to get loaded out and fight.

When you kill anything in game you get money which you can use to buy building materials.

Mods - Powered by Oxide:
Special /kits
Door Sharing
Custom Day/Night Cycle
Everyone’s NAKED!!
Admin /Ticket Support
Uncraftable C4 (Can be purchased from the store)
Chat History
Private Messaging

Updated to latest Rust patch! Join up :smiley:

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The server is currently at 100/100 players! :smiley: This morning has been insane.
We’ll be updating the mods soon (as they were turned off with the Rust Update) and upgrading to 150 slots.

Oxide plugins are updated! We have 100 players on right now :slight_smile:

i need to work on my aim so ima join (:

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God damnit the server is full…

Yeah haha. We are going to upgrade it to a 150 slot server very soon.

We’ve had 95 to 100 players on for the past 6 hours! Come check out what the buzz is about :smiley:

We’re over 100 players right now!!

Server is being DDOS’d by a couple banned hackers. Down for the moment.

Any ETA on when the server will be back up?

It’s being moved to a new location under a sort of DDOS mitigation service. I’m purposefully keeping the server offline until it can be moved.
I will update the IP in this post and on our website at www.bringyourownbeans.com when it is back online in the new location.

Why is the server down again?

Every time we bring it online it gets DDOS’d by a player we banned. We are still waiting for our server to move to a location that is currently full. We are next in line to go there though and expect the move to happen within 2 to 3 business days.

The server would actually be online right now, but I am waiting on a fix for the door sharing which is currently letting all players enter all doors.

i want too play

Is the server up? I have been trying to join for a few days and I can’t seem to join.

The server is up! WOOOOOOO :smiley: It’s in the new location, it’s set up. It’s ready for players and for a world of fun. Hop on and see what’s up! :smiley:



I’m at work and can’t check out this server right now, but i’m terrible at gunplay and i’m looking for a server to practice on, get used to recoil etc, but without having to spend hours and hours gathering, crafting, getting killed, repeat. What comes in a starter kit on this server?