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WIPED ON 6/1/14

We use Oxide and here are some of our features:

Door Sharing
Admin tickets
Teleport Request system
Removal tool(everybody makes mistakes)
Bank System (/bank help)
Player List
Ping Tool (/ping)
Death Handler (when you kill someone/get killed it broadcasts in chat to all)
Airdrop Broadcast (you see the distance it is away from you)

Join us at…

Talk to us on Teamspeak at…

Owner: Big Mamba, Sordie, Nightfall
Admin: ACE, Axel, Captain Planet
Mod: VeNoM


Good server, joined and got a couple free items a nice welcome :smiley:

Bad server. Gives out way too much free stuff, admins abuse powers like no other. And youll get banned for getting kills on here, they dont like it when you can aim.

because u hacked in my server. You shot a p250 at 250m twice and that is not possible.

Bullshit, i was right next to the guy. More like 10m. If your death message said otherwise it was full of shit. Go abuse admin powers have fun with your shitty server. Go ban more legit players, look at my profile i have many other games and a 4 year service badge. And over 700 hours on rust, why the fuck would i hack.

I don’t want hackers in my server and that was simply not possible to kill 2 people at a 250m distance in the time frame of 15 seconds. We have multiple witnesses that you killed 2 people out of the guns range.