[US] Brick Squad / NO WIPE / FREQ AIRDROPS / ADMINS / x2 resources

Brick squad is a server created by a bunch of friends who were tired of hackers ruining the server everyday.
We are looking for new players to come to our server and enjoy a hacker free environment. We have multiple
admins on in multiple locations around the world to ensure there is always at least 1 admin on to moderate the server
and make sure it’s a great experience. We also have a teamspeak were you can contact one of our admins right away
in order to get help on the server if there isn’t an admin currently on.

Here is a little information about our servers.

Rust Server:
Us Based Server
50 slots
Vanilla server
x2 resources
No weapon decay
frequent airdrops
24/7 Admin on duty
No wipes
No dura
Quick crafting
Lag Free

There are more features to come such as server annoucements and custom kits and such with just a command.
We are currently in the process of coding all of these new features that will run on the default vanilla server.

Our Current Admins:

Purple(Even wet?)



(Possibly more admins in the future)

You are also free to come and join our teamspeak 3 server and talk with other players and admins

ts3 ip: ts22.gameservers.com:9419

Plenty of channels to go in, you may also request a private channel for you and your friends.

You may poke any of the admins to get in contact with them or add them on steam.

I hope you guys have a great day and hope to see you in the server!

~Purple(Even Wet?)