[US] Brutal Gaming PvP | 1/2 Craft | Sleepers | Active Admins

Hey guys its me sodakid :smiley: some friends and I have just bought a server and are looking to get it populated!
This server Features:
100 slots
1/2 Craft Time
Very Active Admins
Newly Wiped
Wont Wipe unless things become out of control or update requires
Perfect Hit Registry

If you are interested in joining go to the main menu of rust, hit f1 then enter net.connect
-THX, Soda

This server is amazing, from first hand experience, I can vouch that there is no lag and we always have an admin present to overlook things. Also you can rely on a fair treatment with no cheating admins :suicide:

Come have fun with us!

I’ve been on this server for a bit and am enjoying it myself.:rock:

EDIT: Everyone seems to be friendly to new players but once you get some stuff look out this is definitely a PvP server. :eng101:

From my hours of experience on it, it’s a great server. The admins are great are responsive and there is no lag issues. :dance:

This sever has been so much fun its like having loads of fun in the sun! =D

haha thanks guys :smiley:

Let’s get some more people on now!

Come on guys! Just join and have some fun! :dance:

Screw your dance emote. I used that first. Bugger off. We had a lot of people on today. Hope to see them all tomorrow!:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:

wish some more people would get on this game seems to be getting bigger probably because of servers like this one.

Dude I have been on all day and so have a lot of people.


wish some more people would get on the community is supportive of all this

Great server and friendly admins. You wont find any admin abuse here like most other servers…and lag free!!! 10/10 would bang

got 8 people online. Everyone join! Let’s get the ball rolling!

This is an awesome server. I have been playing for a while now and have run into a few groups of some nice people that were willing to give me some items. I love this server and want more people to play on it.

Hey! 14 players! Keep it up guys and invite your friends! Join us in Jolly Cooperation! :smiley:


So I decided to give this server a try as I was going down the list but saw that there weren't many people online but soon after I joined a lot of people started getting on. But the first thing I noticed was the responsive admins. They greeted me after I joined and asked, "Is anyone there?". They were very nice and told me to have fun playing! I noticed the people talking to each other in game and someone had just been raided but it was all fun and games. He accepted what happened as being part of the game and was building up to get him back.:yarr: Just get on and have fun! The community here is awesome! GREAT SERVER! :dance: Well anyways enough talking! BACK TO THE GAME!:smile:

This sever has been great so far i haven’t received any lag at all, and cant wait for me people to join to get the “Rust” feel that i have been told about

17 players and counting!!! Keep it coming!