Server is located in the US: Dallas

We are a server as of this morning. Looking to build a solid player base, and grow a strong community.

Right now we are trying to keep it as vanilla as possible, but are open to suggestions as we grow.

We currently have a player base of 5-10

Community links:
Join us on our subreddit http://ne.reddit.com/r/BrutalRust/
Follow us on twitter: coming soon
Like us on Facebook: coming soon

Connection info:
Console connect (F1 Ingame)

**** Note: **
The server name currently says “Chicago” because we requested a Chicago server, but the hosting company said Chicago was full so we moved it to Dallas.


great sever, runs smooth, and cant wait for more people to join

Why is this server named the same as Bhop’s server? Why hijack Bhop’s server and tell everyone on Bhop’s server that the server if being brought down and to come to your server that you named the same as his when that is not true? Why were you banned from his server? hmm all these questions… Seems like some shadiness going on.

You are very misinformed.